Sunday, June 7, 2009

Everything is now completely fixed and DONE! I had a great time in this class and I actually worked a lot out side of class, way more than I do for other classes, but thats always how art is for me. I think I am for the most part very happy with my pieces and with my progress sense the beginning of this class, where I new absolutely nothing about any of these programs. =)

Final Card

All I did to this one was go and smooth out the some spots on the twins in the middle so every line was smooth and not jagged.

Final Classmate Interview

I took it into illustrator and went over most of the lines that looked fuzzy with the pen and created a new object on top of it and smoothed it over. This one took a while to fix because when I reprinted it always seemed like a need to go over and smooth even more but I also added all the circles over top of the scribble circles. I'm happy with the result.

New and Final Italy

I just redid the bottom of the dress because I was told it looked too smoothed over like it was laying on her legs so I made a new shape on top of the old and fixed it.

New and Final England

I added blue pants onto Brittany because the other two girl's clothes were completely redrawn and I made some of the background objects small like to the huge swirls and I moved the red telephone booth to the corner and made it smaller also just to give a little negative space to the piece.

I definetely like this version of Germany a lot better, it does not look so thrown together and it relates more to the other two rather than with the hearts and squares. I kept the Liberty bell like I said I was going to and I left Danielle exactly the same.

New and Final Germany