Sunday, May 31, 2009


there are just a few changes because of things that didn't work while doing my project and more details...

I plan to make 3 different backgrounds of crazy designs and random shapes (similar to vector art) and add a picture of one of my friends in each. The three friends are Brittany, Danielle, and Kylie who are my roommates. I'm going to make each one a country, Brittany is London, England; Danielle is Germany; and Kylie is Italy. All of these countries are places that I have always wanted to go and I plan to travel to. In each background I'm going to add at least one thing that represents that country in some way...England is the red phone booth, Germany is the Liberty Bell or the eagle, and Italy is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. England is going to have a gray background with colorful peace signs/cicles, black paint splatter, huge odd shaped swirl splatters, and the sun rays going out. I am also going to draw on Brittany's outfit making it into some form of the London flag. Peace signs are not just random, the design was actually thought of by a man in England for the British Nuclear Disarmament Movement. Italy is going to consist of a dark gray to light gray scale background with the main color being white in this piece. Paint splatter and burnt away pieces in white(especially surrounding the pisa) and then orange and magenta pieces with lots of circles within circles. Also swirl like vines coming out of the mess of things with leaf like ends and some outlines of small flowers. Overall most of the objects in the piece are going to be compiled together not splattered all over the page, they are going to be to the left of the page and then kylie will be to the right which is opposite of Brittany in England, where she is to the far right. Germany is going to be on a gray scale or a straight color of gray like the other two and then it will have squares and smooth edge rectangles of color randomly throughout. Also it will have the liberty bell or eagle with ink splatter like the other two. Also there will be a lot of lines with music note like ends, hearts and clusters of shapes...Germany's is a little more open to all kinds of shapes unlike the other two. They are all tied together by the idea of each person wearing the country's flag, splatter of ink, and similar gray backgrounds.